All Things Work Together For Good – Monsy Mathew New Jersey

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All Things Work Together For Good – Monsy Mathew New Jersey
We have been hearing stories of successful people, that a tea seller became Prime Minister of a Country. A bus conductor became famous Movie Actor. A peanut seller became one of the richest man in City. And some of us start selling tea, become a bus conductor or start selling peanuts to become successful like them. And when we fail, we start complaining to God, why did You do that, You were good to them, but not us. And i have noticed, heard, and  seen people getting troubles, get sick and dying because of their wrong desires, actions, complaints and murmurings, or of their family members say for them. 
 One of the complaints and desires of others and few things of mine that touched me and spoke to me was, “i/ he loved others and were good to others and no one looked back at us”. And that got them in big troubles or sickness, and they gave us the testimonies, that, once we used to complain that no one loves us or cares for us, now when we got sick, or when they were in death bed said, that, now our house is full of people to help us and showed their love, gave us the money more than we needed, etc. A desire/ prayer of complain can take us through very tough roads. And we will start complaining about what we had once complained, and now we have it in abundance, more than we can handle. And we start panicking because of the abundance. 
That’s why, even though i am not a successful man according to the worldly standards, to post my testimonies, still i post. Even though people can try to harm us, as they have tried earlier too, because of my testimonies. i wrote all these, so that you may not be discouraged, deceived or inspired to curse God and die, when lives are tough and hard. It is better not to desire to have a life like someone else. When you understand how they reached to higher levels, you may not want to have that life.
One of the word of hope i got from the Scripture of the Bible, God does everything for our good (Romans 8:28). And i have seen this in one of the stickers of Geeta ka Saar in one of my Hindu friends house said the same. And one Muslim Post man who used to encourage me in Hyderabad with the Islamic stories of faith, the same things, “Girte hain seh sawar he maidan ye jung mein, woh tifl kya girenge jo ghutno ke bal chalein.” Which means, when we are running the race of our life, there are chances that we may fall, but those who walk on their knees fearing the fall, will never reach their destiny. And the other thing I remember from that post man is, “Himmat ye marda, madadd ye Khuda”. Which means, when we start walking the life of Faith, God helps us. And God confirm all that from the story of King David and other Scriptures from the Bible. God helps us and speaks to us by various means. At the time of urgent need, when we are about to be drowned, we never look whose hand it is, or what religion they belong, or what is the color of their skin, or their spiritual status, or the appearance of the person helping us, all look to us like, God send/ an angel of God. Trust in God. Be safe and be blessed.

 Monsy Mathew New Jersey —

Monsy Mathew New Jersey



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