Three Sisters In Moab Sis. Soji Samson

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Three Sisters In Moab Sis. Soji Samson

“Your people will be my people and your God my God” Ruth 1:16

There once lived 3 women in Moab; one named Naomi came from a blessed generation while the other two Ruth and Orpha belonged to a cursed generation. God allowed them to meet in a cursed land, Moab.  Moabites mean a cursed generation. (Deutronomy 23:3)

When famine had struck Bethlehem, Naomi who was a child of God, took a decision on her own without seeking the guidance of God came to Moab. A transfer from a place of bread to cursed land.  She forgot her identity that she was a peculiar nation and a chosen generation.  To avoid the famine in Bethlehem, she came to Moab for bread. Little did she know that her wrong decision was going to cost her a lot! Her two sons got married to Moabite girls and she lost her husband and two sons.  She was survived with two girls belonging to a cursed generation. Just because Naomi came to a place that was not chosen by God, her children got connected with cursed generation and God’s wrath came upon them. So, if you take a step without the counsel of God, your miseries will start and God cannot be made responsible for that. 

Ruth 1:6 “she heard that the Lord had visited his people in giving them bread”. She repented and decided to go back to her people.  Here, we can see that God is not the center point of her life, but the earthly bread.  Wherever the earthly bread was available, she moved accordingly.  This is seen happening in many of our lives too. Like Ruth and Lot, where there is a green pasture, we tend to move there without seeking the will of God. We forget the consequences of making wrong decisions. If a child of God makes a mistake, once he repents and renews his decision, God will accept him.   It is always better to repent and come back to God’s will.

Let us see the next two sisters from the cursed generation. They have nothing to boast of, but God gave them a chance to be a part of blessed generation.  Let us see their lives. Naomi decided to depart with her daughter in laws.  Naomi had no intention of reviving their life taking by them to God’s land. She thought, “They are a cursed generation and let them go back to their people”.  Naomi thinks of her own life without any thought of saving others’ life.  Many of us are like Naomi and do not bother about the perishing souls around.

Ruth 1:14 “they lifted their voice and wept again”.  Orpha the second woman is seen to be a very emotional person and weeps a lot for her mother in law.  She had no intention of going with Naomi, but at the same time she does not want to leave her. Likewise many times, we too are so emotional thinking of Jesus crucified on the cross and the agony He went through.  We cannot control ourselves thinking about his crucifixion, but deep down we have no intention to follow His footsteps.  We forget that He was crucified for the salvation of the mankind.   Orpha had no desire to leave her family and her tradition.  Although having lived with Naomi for many years, she had learnt nothing from Naomi and neither was there any change in her life.

Ruth 1:16 “Your people will be my people and your God will be my God”.  Ruth did not want to depart Naomi. She decided to join Naomi’s family and her nation. She learnt something good and truth from Naomi’s life.  Ruth 1:17 She said “if anything, but death separates you and me”.  A strong determination in her life that nothing would separate her from the living God.  God looks at your decision, not your feelings.  Although Orpha and Ruth were in the same School of Naomi, Ruth understood the living God.

Ruth 1:19 “So the two women went on until they came to Bethlehem”.  Here, Naomi’s situation shows a believer repenting and coming back to God, although there was a total loss in her life due to wrong decision. It is not late for us to come back to God if we are away from Bethlehem, God’s place. On one hand we see a child of God who has moved from God’s land to a cursed land and on the other hand a cursed child taking a decision to come out of her curses towards God’s blessings. 

Ruth 2:12 “May the Lord repay you for what you have done.  May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge”.  When Ruth came to Bethlehem, Noami trained Ruth to go to Boaz field and what she should do so that Boaz would be her redeemer. Thus, Ruth became the owner of the land. Boaz redeemed her and she got Obed from Boaz who is the grandfather of David.  Ruth came in the genealogy line of Jesus.  When Naomi came back to Bethlehem, she remembers her responsibility and prepared a cursed child for the glory of the Lord.  Naomi trained her so well that God’s blessing would come into her life.  God expects us to save the lost souls in our family and around so that God’s program be completed in their life.

Let us examine ourselves to know in whose position we are in. Are we like Naomi who lost everything because she went away from God’s will, but repented and came back to HIS will and played a beautiful role in the history?   Although she lost her children, she understood her mistake and shaped a cursed generation to come in line  of God. The second sister,  Orpha an emotional christian understood the living God, but did not want to take a step for God.  And the third sister, Ruth, took a decision to stand for the living God, ready to face any consequences in her life.  God honored her decision and blessed her so much that she was a blessing for the Israel and she became part of the genealogy of Jesus.  What a blessing for her decision.  When there were so many girls in that time for Boaz, God has chosen this girl who was labeled as “cursed” in the history for Boaz.  Your past is not important for God, but your decision is the most important thing for His program.  Our decision can change the history like Ruth.  Who will stand for HIS commandments!!!!

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