Holding Nothing Back : Follow The Example Of Jesus-Vinod Venkatraman

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Holding Nothing Back : Follow The Example Of Jesus-Vinod Venkatraman

And all mine are thine, and thine are mine – John 17:10

Dear brethren, we have been asked by the Holy Spirit as we see in “1 Peter in 2:21 to” to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ and as per Romans 8:29 – we have been predestined to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ being in very nature of God and the sole creator of all created things, left everything that he possessed as God including His glory and made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant in human likeness.

It’s so interesting to see in the Life of Jesus Christ, though He fed the 5000 men with five loaves of bread and two fishes and changed water to wine, when he felt hungry He went searching towards a fig tree to eat. He just not only simply said in His longest prayer (recorded) to the Father “that all mine are thine”, He even lived a life as per that.

As He was able to forgo everything including His own will without holding back anything for the sake of fulfilling the will of His Father who sent Him to this World with a specific mission. On completion of His mission He is claiming that Father now “ALL THINE ARE MINE” – The Authority, the Glory, The Children of God, etc….

Similarly we also have been chosen by our God the Father in our Lord Jesus Christ and have been sent by our Lord to this world to fulfill the will of the one who sent us.

As our forerunner Jesus Christ, if we also give-up everything that we possess as our own and tell our heavenly Father, that all mine is thine and I am here to fulfill your will, plans & desires and I am sure we too will be able to claim at the end like Jesus that Father now “ALL THINE ARE MINE”.

There is one Mr. T K Habel hailing from Waynad, Kerala, who about 13years before had a divine commissioning from God to take of few orphan kids at a place called Jumla in the Himalayas of Nepal where there is not even a single road and people have not seen Wheels at all. “He just managed to pass 8th grade schooling, that’s it” and no much knowledge or wisdom of the world. Couple of years before he was conferred by the Nepal Government as the best farmer in the Hills as he could grow a single Pumpkin weighing over 20kgs and the Agriculture minister himself flew from Kathmandu to confer this honor to him.

The best way to take control of our life is to let go into the hands of our God and then HE will shape it and give it back to us in a way that everything be under our control.

Shall we pray this prayer – Our heavenly Father, whole heartedly I take a decision to become like Jesus Christ and believe in my heart that all mine are thine and confess the same by my mouth, do accept and enable me to fulfill your will throughout my life, In Jesus Name – Amen.





Vinod Venkatraman —

Vinod Venkatraman



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