Devotion-7: “We Went Through Fire And Water, But You Brought Us…..”By Soji Samson, Doha

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Devotion-7: “We Went Through Fire And Water, But You Brought Us…..”By Soji Samson, Doha

“We went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance” Psalms 66:12.

When there is a crisis, God’s children should not keep quiet. They should take a bold step like Moses’ parents. At the time of Moses was born, Pharaoh ordered to kill all the male children. By faith, Moses’ parents hid him for three months.  The midwives and Moses’ parents listened to God and took a bold step. God had a great plan for Moses.  But, the parents lived in constant fear that Moses would be drowned at any moment in Nile River.  There was a big mess around them.  You may think your child is going to be killed with other children.  It will never work.  Children of parents who did not have the promise of God were thrown into Nile River.  But, Moses was floating in the Nile River in a basket made by his parents because he was a promised child of God to be a leader for Israelites. This is what happens in our life.  We think we are going to end in Nile River. God knows to open a path in the Nile River for you.  God knows to give you deliverance through the one who blocked your way.  Moses was brought up in the palace of the king who gave orders to kill him. 

Isn’t God wonderful? You may go through the enemy’s hand, deep river, wilderness, fire, but they are the divine path for you to reach your destination. Nothing can destroy our promises.  Moses’ parents took a bold step and he became the leader of Israel.  When enemy says, he will destroy.  People who take a bold step to stand against it, it is their deliverance.  In adverse situations, an Esther took the lead to deliver Jews, a Moses led Israelites, a Daniel stood firm for God, a Joshua led people to the Promised land and a Ruth stood for the truth.  Can we take a bold step in our adverse situation for His glory? That will be the stepping stone towards your deliverance.  “The most worthy souls will be tested with the most pressure and the highest heat, but heaven will not desert them” William L Wilkinson.

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