Qatar Is Building Well-planned Communities - Mr. Finny

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Qatar Is Building Well-planned Communities - Mr. Finny

Labelling the country as “a land of opportunities,” Ipe said there was a huge market especially for European companies that can provide innovative solutions for these “preliminary areas” and emphasised that Qatar “is very keen on building well-planned communities.”

The real estate industry is looking at Qatar with its more than $200bn worth of infrastructure and construction opportunities in preparation for the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Touted as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Qatar’s economy is set to double its growth in the next decade making it one of the most sought-after countries for investors, particularly in the real estate industry.

Apart from the real estate sector, the Qatar Tourism Authority said the hospitality market will be driven by an expected 20% growth in the number of tourists.

Aside from infrastructure and construction, Ipe said Bethel Group is looking forward to working with international companies on new projects and innovative solutions in the fields of MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing), “heritage” type architecture, and Information Technology (IT).

Ipe also noted QC’s significant role in providing Qatar-based companies access to the international market and opportunities to link with networks with international companies.

Only recently, Ipe said they were able to partner with an Italian company that specialises in heritage-type buildings, which is the latest addition to the more than 150 worldwide company partners of Bethel Group.(Gulf Times)


Established in 2011 under the leadership of Chairman Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Hassan Al Thani, The Bethel Group is now one Qatar’s most successful holding companies. Specialising in business services, Bethel Group provides foreign investors, companies and individuals with a streamlined and financially efficient approach to conducting business successfully in the affluent State of Qatar.

With a number of highly specialised subsidiaries, the Group offers its clients over 360 services, ranging from immigration services to visa processing. Our team of experts prize themselves on their wealth of knowledge and local connections, allowing foreign investors to establish a commercial presence in Qatar.

The 100% Qatari-owned Group encompasses a wide spectrum of industries and a portfolio of many internationally acclaimed companies.

At the Bethel Group, we offer international companies the best opportunity to establish a commercial presence in Qatar's vibrant business market.

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